Bradgelina Goes Old School

So last week we found out Brad & Angie got engaged. I totally forgot they weren’t. Doesn’t it seem like they’ve been together forever?

Brads manager confirmed, “It is a promise for the future, and their kids are very happy. There’s no date set at this time.”

Did you see it? The kids are very happy part? Over the last year in several interviews they have both separately joked of the pressure the kids are putting on them to tie the knot.

So what’s with all the publicity from the very “private” couple? Why wouldn’t they just jet off to France with the kiddies and get it done? Could this sweet, charitable couple who seem to flee from the press **cough** be trying to divert our attention from recent reports of the relationship being on the rocks?

Is it working?

Of course it is. Who doesn’t love a wedding? Especially one of such high caliber celebriatoriam (I think I just made up a word).

So many questions need answered.

When? Where? Will George Clooney be the best man? Who will stand up for Angie? Does she have any female friends?

Will she awkwardly stick her leg out at the altar?

Will they travel to a third world country so those less fortunate can bask in their glory and eat cake, while we stay at home sighing in admiration at their sheer generosity?

Will these two ever think of themselves? Such saints.

You’ve got to hand it to them they’re masters at publicity; just look at the turn around Angelina has done for her ‘vial of blood’ wearing image over the last several years. And we’ve forgotten all about Brad’s total infidelity to his first wife…what was her name again?  Like some bad sci-fi movie they’ve successfully erased our memories of strange erratic behaviours and replaced it with ones of love, beauty and goodness.

If this is just about making it right for the kids then just go do it and come back and let us know. There’s no reason to be setting up paparazzi shots with the children just so the photogs can get a good shot of the ring. The one he designed himself so it would fit perfectly around her dainty finger.

I’m sorry, do I sound bitter?

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