I Got Nothing

It’s been a bit of an adjustment the last couple of months with the full time job thing. This blogging stuff isn’t as easy as it looks and it takes time. Time I don’t have until ten at night when I’m just to dang lazy after completing all the other responsibilities that come with being a working Mother. I know, I’m whining…

So, just when I’m beginning to beat myself up for neglecting my blog, the one thing that is truly my own…Kyla over at www.mommyisweird.com reminds me I wrote a post for a guest spot on her blog and she published it today, giving me another week to think of something to write for this page.

Related: Kyla is my new best friend and can be found at the link above and also at Twitter https://twitter.com/Mommyisweird and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MommysWeird

I recommend her blog because she is HIGHlarious and because she’s my new bestie…She’s probably totally freaking out now thinking I’m some crazy girl. And she might have reason to, but it’s too late now because she already posted it. (Insert evil laugh here).

Anyway, if you’re at all still interested after that shameful ranting…check it out.